Tailor made

Ladies and gentlemen,

As we meet again, what a delight it is to see you here pushing the limits of possibility !

The time has come for you to cross into another era… one where everything is custom made to suit you. What about a bowtie created just for you ? For a special occasion ? Perhaps a professional or personal event ? No matter. We can custom design a leather bowtie to your personal specifications.

You will definitely need a personalized color

Naturally, you’ll want to sport your high quality leather bowtie with your best pair of leather shoes to enhance your style.

Tailor made leather bowties colors Garbanture

You can imagine how well your personalized leather bowtie will elegantly complement your fine leather shoes and belt to create the look of a perfect gentleman, whether it be at your wedding or just to show off at a meeting… Let it be so.

Did you know that Garbanture offers coloring services for leather ?
All you need to do is give us a reference color, and we’ll take care of the rest.

The harmony of your wedding is set by the particular colors you choose for the occasion.

You’re getting married. It’s not just an ordinary day. We agree.

For this memorable day, you’ll have to shine more than usual if you’re going to stand out as the most elegant of all. You’ll want to enhance your suit with a leather bowtie, because it adds that note of “chic” to your big day. And that’s it.

Let’s say you and your love have decided on a coral color for the wedding… and so it will be tones of coral for the wedding party !

Go find a coral or lavender leather bowtie, whichever you prefer. Garbanture’s Shop is truly the only place where you can find a variety of colors.

How proud our Garbanture workshop would be to outfit you and other gentleman members of the wedding party in handcrafted, made to order leather bowties, made to enhance the theme of your wedding !

Tailor made creating french leather Garbanture

A harmonious group, completely coordinated and distinguished!

Tailor made creating french leather Garbanture

Whether it’s a wedding or business meeting, there is always a dress and color code to follow… but not everyone settles for the same bowtie. The gentleman of distinction desires simply to be coordinated to showcase his brand and enhance his style in all roles of life (be it groom, father, husband, son, or businessman) he is dressed well for every occasion.

The same color (with nuances inherent to the material) will be applied to the different bowtie models so that you will be completely coordinated without being the Bobbsey twins !

Shall we go a little further… is there a certain look you’re thinking of ?

You design It. We’ll create it. Garbanture’s workshop specializes in leather and leather tinting craftsmanship. If you are looking for a tailor made way to outfit your business, something special to give as a gift, we can bring your idea to reality.

Let’s create together, tailor made, the leather bowtie of your dreams… in the French way !

Our best wishes to you !

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Tailor made creating french leather Garbanture

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