Our colors

In his own workshop, Garbanture hand crafted and created his own colors and applied them to natural leather.
This artistic creation of colors leaves each leather bowtie unique !
You can find these colors in each model of our collection.

The colors, studied with great care, resound with all the  literature that we would like to present to you here… so that you may look through these literary works through many colors !
First, let’s depart for the United Kingdom, and in the English spirit that so inspires us, meet our Watson in Yellow and our Purple Marple.

Perhaps try an English detective novel to accessorize your look with a touch of intrigue.
Watson’s yellow has a mustard tint, lively yet vintage, “elementary” for your wardrobe.

Colors yellow Watson Garbanture
Coloris Miss Marple Garbanture

With purple Marple, the trail is less clear. Is it a a purple maroon or a rasberry tone ?  It’s up to you to find the right name, or ask the accomplices. Or perhaps ask Agatha Christie : she is the only one who holds the key to the mystery.

The spirit of a traveller…

Colors mahogany Passepartout Garbanture

… With our mahogany Passepartout to the world, straight from Around the World in 80 Days, Jules Verne inspires a chestnut with notes of red, which, mixed with the patina, create a texture unlike traditional brown.

Now we shall enter the legend…

First let’s start with Victor Hugo and our green Javert, straight from “Les Miserables”, it is between blue and green, but darker and most pronounced. We’ll let you be the judge, or write a novel about it, why not ?

Colors vert javert Garbanture
Colors blue Iseut Garbanture

With Iseut next… and her beloved Tristan, we recall a love in its most brilliant form. The blue of Iseut, with a luminous tone, very subtle, a bit blue jean and completely hypnotizing.

… At last the Navy Albertine

And this story, “A la recherche du Temps Perdu”, from our dear Proust, is one of nostalgia, of the profound self… its tint is a very deep navy blue, almost black.

Colors marine Albertine Garbanture

To finish, in the classics,  we have equally crossed…

Colors cognac Rastignac Garbanture

… Balzac and his character Rastignac, to give you a brown cognac (or gold)… a color like a leather easy chair, on our bowtie. What do you think ?

… And Laclos with our seductor Valmont, is a classic chestnut, intense dark, to be combined with thousands of other colors.

Color chestnut brown Valmont Garbanture

Of our classic black, we have nothing more to say. If not such, then it is not a classic, exactly.

Colors classic black Garbanture