The Illuminations

[…] Le Monde vibrera comme une immense lyre
Dans le frémissement d’un immense baiser !

– Le Monde a soif d’amour : tu viendras l’apaiser. […]

« Soleil et chair », Poésies, Rimbaud

First inspired by Rimbaud and symbolist poetry, the collection opens itself to a universe of both darkness and light (an oxymoron that sprinkles here and there throughout the poetry of all time). Let’s add to this romantic heritage what we will never truly arrive at unravelling: this grand obsession with introspection… a collection that sheds light on hope, with a bowtie that will tell much about your own state of being.

A taste of aromas “parfums” and colors “couleurs” echo eachother in this “Correspondences” between leather and literature that comes straight to us from Baudelairean poetry.

A gallant air enters to enrich the collection marked by the spirit of Verlaine and an allure that is more concise and vivid than the others.

Born of delirium, bringing light to all things (we have decidedly put aside “Spleen” and “The Season in Hell”), exists an ideal to reach for, boundaries to be cast aside… forever.
The collection Illuminations is everything at once. And even more with  a touch of Magritte. To go beyond the limits… always.

Because wearing a leather bowtie is at the same time enlightened and “gentleman,” poetic and offset, refined and deranged… but above all… distinguished.

Home sale of literary leather store Garbanture
Illuminations leather bowties Garbanture

You will encounter “luxury,” “calm,” “voluptuousness”… “order,” and “beauty,” with our Baudelaire model, both simple and chic, in sheepskin.

Decidedly bold and without taboo, daring all colors and fantasies, our Verlaine piece, a collar made with elements of plant life, will delight all of your emotions.

Illuminations leather bowties Garbanture
Illuminations leather bowties Garbanture

The most enlightened of our collection, in its most inspired form of the original bowtie, the collar of living elements, carries a touch of genius that suits those who want to stand out !”

« […] Mon esprit, tu te meus avec agilité,
Et, comme un bon nageur qui se pâme dans l’onde,
Tu sillonnes gaiement l’immensité profonde
Avec une indicible et mâle volupté. […] »

« Elévation », Spleen et Idéal, Les fleurs du Mal, Baudelaire