History of the brand

Garbanture, the poetic chick pea,

Poetic chickpea Garbanture

Over 20 years ago, a little girl was sitting on her grandmother’s knees. Twisting her hair, she drank in the words of her elder who told the story of a chick pea… a certain Garbancito.

This children’s story, which tells of nothing more extraordinary than that of a chick pea, afraid of the idea of to being crushed because of his small size, was re-told by the girl throughout her life. In fact, she contracted passion, extremely contagious, for literature. No longer was it possible to overlook books and stories. The little seed grew with a greater need for books and stories. This love was so potent that the “little girl” just had to study literature !

Having done her studies, she told the universe the story of leather goods (the adventures were long, but we will be brief). And so, the art of leather goods met literature… and Garbanture was born !

The romantic poetics of Garbanture

This young girl grew up somewhat… let’s call her Sarah, and met the one who would become her husband, Baptiste… this wine connoisseur, formed from this universe, was taken by the charm of a leather colorist’s workshop that she had taken him to visit. It was in Nîmes, in the workshop of Mr. Sabatier, Relook Cuir. And so, he caught this same “bug” that had impassioned Sarah in literature and leather craftsmanship… it was absolutely necessary that he become a colorist for leather !

Taking up the work of Mr. Sabatier, who trained them in the craft, Sarah and Baptiste discovered a precious know how and passion for the art of leather coloring that would remain with them forever. This “savoir faire” pushed them beyond Relook Cuir combining their talents, to create their own leather mark, henceforth unknown to others. Between the noise of sewing machines, the smell of the leather, and the warm ambiance, the dream shop was discovered to patiently develop this poetic mark of literary leatherworks.

Team Garbanture Nîmes

The engagements of Mr Garbanture

History leather worker's tools Garbanture

They envisioned Garbanture as a fictional character.

Garbanture, a gentleman worthy of Phileas Fogg, the hero of the Eighty Days Around the World, challenged himself to be both creative and responsible.

Some rules were therefore laid down :

All the products in its range will be handcrafted, in France, in Nîmes more exactly, in the family workshop of Sarah & Baptiste.

Models of our permanent collections are hand dyed with water base pigments. The colors are created with care to ensure there is no waste, in keeping with our philosophy. All colors are applied to be durable and hold a sustainable eternity. With time, they will endure with the patina that you will give them by touching and wearing the leather.

Home Colors home made Garbanture
Vegetal leather rollers Garbanture

Our natural leather will be tanned by first choice vegetable dye. This traditional way is less polluting to the earth. All products come exclusively from Europe.

The limited edition of the  “Caracteres” sales  will be created from high-end leather and  unused scrap leather (vintage or transformed), in a responsible approach to upcycling and waste reduction.


Beyond work and material, we would like to promote French expertise along with our literary heritage. Garbanture’s life will have multiple faces but no frontier !

Proust, Hugo, even Marguerite De Navarre inspired our bow tie models ! Especially poets such as Arthur Rimbaud, Verlaine form our permanent collection.

History home made leather bowties Garbanture

French authors La Bruyère, La Rochefoucauld, and La Fontaine inspired our most limited pieces, baptized “Caractères.”