Everything has been said and too late we arrive…
since over 7,000 years there are human beings thinking !

Thus begin “Les Caractères” of La Bruyère

As for the short story

La Bruyère recalls the heritage of our predecessors and this idea came to us: To replace, “Everything has been said” with “Everything has been done.” From there, we imagine mountains of leather materials that have been cast aside, considered to no longer be of any use.

We said to ourselves that we must absolutely transform this heritage, to do our part in preserving our planet and to put an end to the overproduction that has continued from generation to generation.

Upcycled Pieces

Who ever said that leather can’t be recycled ?

3 models are thus born which we handcraft with :

  • Luxury fabrics  or “vintage silk” ties
  • An abundance of unused leather scraps and leatherwork cast off items… (all of which we renovate in our leather restoration workshop – RELOOK CUIR).
Caracteres recycling leather falls

3 forgotten items are transformed into unique and exclusive, limited pieces

Caracteres leather bowties Garbanture

The materials used for the creation of our collection, “Caractères” are auspicious for the meticulous detail that results in such unique, hand crafted pieces. Pieces that can only satisfy that desire for your own personal distinction ! For you are not just anyone ! Discover yourself !

This responsible, eco-friendly  approach can bear only the names of the most popular moralists of our literary heritage :

  • La Bruyère with a “twisted spirit” model
  • La Fontaine offers a leather model, elegantly lined with high quality fabric
  • La Rochefoucauld shines a spotlight on the fabric with  perfect holding of the leather.

Models sold on a limited basis

We will open occasional sales on these pieces, so watch for them, as they are completely exclusive and unique… and sell out quickly.

Caracteres Leather bowtie La Rochefoucauld Garbanture
Caracteres leather bowties La Fontaine Garbanture

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As La Fontaine would say

« This lesson well merits some cheese, no doubt! »